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ABEND Code Quick Reference

S001 - Hardware I/O Error or Wrong Record Length Defined

S013 - Inconsistent DCB information

S0C1 - Operation Exception

S0C4 - Protection Exception

S0C7 - Data Exception

S222 - Operator Canceled: Call Help Desk immediately

S322 - Timeout: Job exceeded CPU time allowed for its Job Class

S522 - Timeout waiting for Tape mount: Call Help Desk immediately

S80A - Insufficient Core

S913 - Security Violation: Call Help Desk Immediately

SB37 - Not enough space available for dataset

SB37 - Not enough space allocated for dataset: Check Blocking Factors

SB37 - Not enough space in Partitioned dataset: Call Help Desk



U0008 - Report Format Error: See program listing for detailed explanation

U0100 - Over 100 Syntax errors: Check OPTION, FILE, and REPORT statements

U0299 - Program Check Interrupt: Operation on incompatible field types

U0300 - File Cannot be opened: Check Symbolic and spelling in FILE statement

U0444 - DYL/IDMS Execution Error: Check IDMS related statements and L-Rs


U4000 - Read Beyond END-OF-FILE: Check placement of input statements

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